We will  be able to help you no matter how complex your case may be. For our clients we offer special services


Assistance in starting a business in the USA:


1. Business registration

2. Support in getting Federal Tax ID​

3. Detailed advice  on the bank accounts

4. Support in property issues (rent, buy, sell)

5. Getting a business license

6. Articles of Association, Regulations of the Board of Directors

7. Staff searching​


Next stages of company development:


1. Preparation and Maintenance of accounts

2. Searching for partners

3. Company's logistics

4. Company's promotion​


Opening an Account:


1. Assistance in opening an account in a leading American banks

2. You will get an account and a bank card (VISA or MasterCard)

3. To open an account you will need to provide two ID


Give birth in the USA:


Any baby born in USA gets many benefits:  the best level of Medicine,   Birthright  U.S. Citizenship by default,  and could visit 174 countries visa-free .




Home Search Agent can help to buy or to sell a property


VIP accompaniment:


Full support at all stages of adaptation in the United States